What's Included

Swiss Family Robinson Heirloom 12 Book Set | Read and Learn Books for Families

📖Our Swiss Family Robinson book series is the beloved unabridged story in 12 parts, and is annotated to teach your family old fashioned skills like…

🐓Raising poultry and livestock
🔥Starting & cooking over campfires
🍞Making camping bread
🌾 Farming/Homesteading
🎣Primitive modes of trapping and fishing
💧How to find & purify water
🏹Making & using a bow & arrow
🍽Carving dishes & spoons
& more!

Click HERE to view the full syllabus and sample chapters. 

Black Beauty Heirloom Linen 5 Book Set | Read & Learn Classics for Kids

Read and learn old fashioned life skills together as a family as you enjoy the beloved story of Black Beauty and his life of adventure!

In these books your family will learn:

  • How to Make & Can Blackberry Jelly
  • How to Trap & Cook Rabbit & Hare
  • How to Be a Good Horseman (Or Woman!)
  • How to Cook & Bake from Vintage Recipes
  • How to Harvest & Cook Apples at Camp
  • How to Forecast and Navigate in Storms
  • How to Sew Embroidery Stitches
  • How to Help an Ill Patient
  • How to do Basic First Aid
  • How a Horse's Body Workss
  • How to Care for the Sick
  • How to Start a Vegetable Garden
  • How to Raise Chickens

Click HERE to view the full syllabus and sample chapters.