The Black Beauty Series Syllabus (NEW!)

Each book is annotated with the following in addition to the classic original story! Black Beauty and His First Home (Book 1) Enjoy the beloved story of Black Beauty and his lifetime of adventures! Chapter 1: My Early Home Chapter 2: How to Make & Can Blackberry JellyA LITTLE PRESERVING BOOK FOR A LITTLE GIRL by Amy L. Waterman Chapter 3: The Hunt Chapter 4: How to Trap & Cook Rabbit & Hare Rabbit En CasseroleHOW TO COOK IN CASSEROLE DISHES by Marion Harris Neil M.C.A.  How to Trap Rabbits & HaresCAMP LIFE IN THE WOODS AND THE TRICKS OF...

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The Farmhouse Victory Garden Calendar for Boys & Girls Syllabus


Enjoy the story of Davy, Prue, and the Chief Gardener and learn to create a victory garden as a family with a book of tasks and war time gardening knowledge for every month of the year! January (Book 1) A LITTLE GARDEN CALENDAR FOR BOYS AND GIRLS BY ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE (1905)Story of Davy, Prue, and the Chief GardenerHow to start a window gardenSprouting Seeds GARDENING FOR LITTLE GIRLS BY OLIVE HYDE FOSTER (1917)How to Start a Vegetable Garden Vegetable GuideHow to Start a Children's Garden Club WAR GARDENS A POCKET GUIDE FOR HOME VEGETABLE GROWERS BY MONTAGUE FREE (1918)How to Start...

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Read & Learn Picture Books Syllabus

The Tale of Peter Rabbit When old Mrs. Rabbit has to run an errand, she warns Peter Rabbit and his siblings to stay far away from Mr. McGregor's garden. When Peter disobeys, he finds himself on a scary adventure! This book is annotated with excerpts from: BOOK ABOUT ANIMALS. by CONCORD, N. H.and RUFUS MERRILL. (1850) Rabbit Nature Study FRIENDS IN FEATHERS AND FUR, ANDOTHER NEIGHBORS, FOR YOUNG FOLKS by JAMES JOHONNOT(1885) Rabbit Nature Study Cont. DEADFALLS AND SNARES by A. R. HARDING (1907) How to Trap Rabbits MISS LESLIE'S NEW COOKERY BOOK by ELIZA LESLIE (1857) How to Make...

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The Swiss Family Robinson Syllabus

The Swiss Family Robinson Series

Each book is annotated with the following in addition to the classic original story! The Swiss Family Robinson & the Great Shipwreck (SFR 1) MORNING BELLS; OR WAKING THOUGHTS FOR LITTLE ONES by Frances Ridley Havergal.A Book of Prayers and Thoughts for Morning Time that Teaches About the Holy Ghost MAKING HOME PROFITABLE by KATE V. SAINT-MAUR (1912)How to Raise Ducks & Geese for Meat & Eggs THE DOLLAR HEN by MILO M. HASTINGS (1911)Various Poultry Products THE LADY’S COMPANION (1753)A Recipe for Portable Soup THE LOBSTER FISHERY OF MAINE by John N. CobbMethods of Lobster Fishing. TWENTY QUICK SOUPS...

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The Historical Figures for Kids Syllabus

The Historical Figures for Kids Series

  Each book is annotated with the following in addition to the story! Florence Nightingale    Chapter 1: Florence Nightingale   Chapter 2: Nerves, Teeth, and Stomach CHILD'S HEALTH PRIMER FOR PRIMARY CLASSES by Jane Andrews (1885)Caring for Your Body    Chapter 3: Declaration of War MORNING AND EVENING PRAYERS FOR ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK by Dr. John Habermann (First written in 1565)Prayer During War   Chapter 4: Serving Meals to the Sick NOTES ON NURSING: WHAT IT IS, AND WHAT IT IS NOT by FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. (1859)How to Serve Meals to the Sick The Library of Work and...

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